The Vanguard Process
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Most businesses understand the importance of visualizing what success looks like up front,
before moving ahead with any investment to improve operating efficiency,
human productivity, profitability, or employee safety and morale.

And they understand that any commercial
construction project is a multiple step process.

The Conventional Process
Most view it as a linear process:

Ideal Result

Site Analysis
& Selection
& Engineering

& Finance

& Permitting
  Construction   Occupancy

Nevertheless, many projects still get off track and fall short of expectations.

What distinguishes Vanguard is a slightly different process, one that executes all of the above steps,
only in a way that closes the gap between visualized ideal results and the actual outcome.

We accomlish this by revisiting the original Vision
throughout the Design, Pre-Construction, and Construction phases,
making course corrections in the Plan and in the Execution along the way.

The Vanguard Construction Process

In the conventional linear process the focus often evolves into "building a building,"

In the Vanguard Process we stay focused on "fulfilling a vision."

This keeps everything on track toward a facility that exemplifies
the efficiency, productivity, profitability, and employee safety
that you had in mind at the outset of your investment.

Vanguard calls this "Creative Process Management".

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